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Images Reborn can improve, enhance, correct,

and restore your treasured photos. Just drop us an email to begin the estimation process.


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Whether your photos have been damaged due to accident, the ravages of time, or if you are looking to enhance an already good photo (tattoo removal, mole removal, wrinkle reduction), we are happy to provide an estimate.

Images Reborn

Images Reborn

We and our children are the generations whose lives will be documented primarily by photographs. We are the generations of the still image, the snapshot, the photo album, the formal family portrait. We we discover or are given old family potos, we relish every memory as we sort through the images. When the best of these images are damaged, or lost, we are universally sad. In fact, it is common knowledge that if we have to leave home in an emergency, the two items we are most likely to grab (after our children and pets of course) are family photographs and personal papers.
(Eisman, Palmer. Photoshop Restortaion & Retouching. Third edition. New Riders Press. Berkeley, California. 2006)

Images Reborn

Lockwood's is pleased to introduce you to Images Reborn, our photo restoration service.